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Female Specific

Most of the weight loss advice is based on studies with male participants. The female body however, is under the influence of hormones which shift every month. Learn the tricks which will fast track your progress.


Weight loss is a long term process with ups and downs. 80% quit during the first hiccup. With the right support you can avoid making this mistake and stay on track to achieving your dream body.


Good For You

While there are many miracle diets and supplements out there, the truth is that they are not sustainable. Long term results are achieved through healthy habits which last a lifetime. Develop your habits and they will serve you well.

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Revolutionary On-line Fat Loss Programme

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Gain lifetime access to the Female Fat Loss course. Use it at your own pace and as many times as you like.



Join a supportive community of other participants. Share your thoughts, feelings and inspirations as well as get priority access to new content.



Take part in exciting prize draws, discounts and opportunities. 

Stop Wasting Your Time And Start Seeing Results

Join thousands of women who already achieved their goals

Ditch the diets which are designed and (by the way) work great for men, and give your body the treatment it needs. No starving yourself, no calorie counting, no excessive cardio. 

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